Holiday Series
Four Sundays,
Starts September 17 9:30-10:30 AM
Breakfast 9 AM

Rabbi David Eliezrie Instructor
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Holding Onto Moments of Clarity

One moment we make a commitment, and the next moment we lose our resolve. So how can we find real moral fortitude? Ahead of the High Holidays, learn what it means to plant a sword of certainty and how to do so in order to achieve a sense of clarity in our lives.


All Is Never Lost

Of all the Talmud’s characters, perhaps the most enigmatic is the story of Elisha ben Avuya—the illustrious scholar turned heretic. In an inspiring interpretation of the narrative, Elisha’s story is the story of all Jews. The point? All is never lost. G‑d is waiting for you to return. 



The three stages of spiritual mountain climbing

The greatest hurdle to growth is ourselves. After all, if we’re only this smart and this strong, how can we dream of being something we’re simply not? Who made up this myth that anything is possible? G‑d did—and the story of the Sukkah reveals why.



Capturing the Core of the Jew

On the holiday that celebrates completing the Torah, we… hold it shut and dance around in circles. Have we gone mad? And where did this idea come from, anyway? Well, it’s as holy as Moses, or, as this class exposes, maybe even more.


Fee: $36, Includes Breakfast