Facinating Facts Fall 2011

Lesson One  November 13, 2011 

Towards a Meaningful Life 
A Soul Searching Journey for Every Jew 
Sundays 9:30-11 AM-Winter 2011  
Lesson One: Presented January 30, 2011 
To  Go Boldy Where None Have Gone Before 
Writing Your Personal Mission Statement 

Lesson Two: Presented February 5, 2011 
What's Love Got to Do With It 
Finding the Soul of Meaningful Relationships 

Lesson Three, Presented February 20, 2011 
A Place to Call My Own 
Building a Healthy Home and Family 

Lesson Four: Presented February 27, 2011 
Labor of Love 
Work, Charity & Wealth 

Rebbe's talk of purpose of work and retirement