Daily Schedule 

8:30am-9:30am Morning Provocations, sensory and art, free play

9:30am Judaic Circle & Judaic Activity/Craft

10:00am Snack

10:20am Academic Circle, Books (counting, abcs, days of week and month, theme of month)

11:10am  Outdoor in Natural Playground (watering, planting, riding bikes, sand play, equipment play)

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Rest time

2:25pm Wake up and Snack

2:50pm Activity/Books, Afternoon Academic Closing Circle

3pm Parent Pick Up

Aftercare is available upon request until 5:30pm


Families who do not pick up before 12:30pm (if half day option chosen) or after the 3:00pm will be charged $1.00 per minute unless other arrangements have been made. 


-Bathroom and Diaper Changes will be accordingly and logged on the daily bathroom log

-The monthly calendar has all events posted on class bulletin board

-Daily schedule of events is posted on whiteboard on welcome table

-Please sign your child in/out daily

-Please have your child wash their hands when entering the room in the morning upon arrival.

-Please ensure you have closed the main door behind you to ensure safety for all children.