Building FAQ
What is the goal of this project?
We aim to create a dynamic new center for Jewish life in Northern Orange County.

What is the scope of the project? 
We will enhance the present synagogue building and add a new education building. Site improvements  will include a new playground, Sukka promenade, Meditation Park, Childrens Ampitheater, among other improvements.

Why now?
When we built the original synagogue building, we put the school and administrative office in white modulars. City regulations set a limit on the time we could occupy the temporary buildings.  Now, the time is up and we are building!

What will be added to the synagogue building ?
The sanctuary will be expanded by 25% by incorporating the space currently occupied by the lobby, the storage area, and the kitchen.  A larger lobby, restrooms, state of the art kitchen and social hall will make up the add-on.

Why is the expansion necessary?
On holidays the synagogue is at capacity. The increased sanctuary space will meet our needs for the future. 

Building a social hall is crucial; at present, every time we have a program we move furniture around the sanctuary to accommodate for the event.  The new social hall will also be a great location for hosting simchas and community events. It will have audio-visual facilities for film screenings and giving quality presentations. 

The new kitchen will serve as a place to cater numerous Shabbat and Holiday dinners as well as family celebrations.

The new library will be a great place for individual study and group classes.

And finally, won't it be nice to have restrooms?

What will the new education building include?
There will be classrooms for pre-school which will have a capacity of 50 children. Instead of the old modulars, we will have permanent classrooms for Hebrew School. There will also be offices for staff, a gift shop, and a Mikvah—the first in Orange County.

What site improvements will be added ?
Adjacent to the Social Hall will the be Sukka Promenade and Garden Veranda. This area will provide a beautiful setting for social events and holiday celebrations. We will also build an amphitheater in the rear corner of the property for children's programs. The parking lot will be extended with a turnaround and a bit more space. New landscaping, a plaza around our menorah, and a Tashlich fountain will make the Shul a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing place to pray and spend time.

Isn't this project a bit ambitious?
This new facility will fit the needs of our community. The social hall will provide a place for families to mark their special events, the synagogue will give us extra space that is needed for the future. The Education Building will be a place for the next generation to learn about their Heritage. The scope and size is based on realistic expectations for growth based on our research and experience with the community.

How much will all of this cost ?
Our campaign goal is $2,500,000. This will give us enough money to pay for the facility in cash and begin an endowment for our center.

How much was raised already?
We have received some initial gifts totaling one million dollars from a few gracious donors. The balance is being raised in the community. The campaign is progressing daily.

Do we really need a Mikvah ?
A Mikvah is a foundation of Jewish life. The funding for the Mikvah is coming fully from donors in New York and Los Angeles that only give to Mikvahs, particularly in communities where there are none.

How can I help?
You can make a dedication in the new building. It will serve as an eternal symbol of commitment to the Jewish community. You can make the dedication in memory or in honor of a loved one. Check our
Dedications page for more information.

Who is adminstrating the project ?
Thorpe Construction, a well regarded builder in Northern Orange County, is the contractor. Project manager Loren Brucker, who has thirty years of experience in construction, will oversee the project. Our architect is John Swint, the designer of the beautiful first building. Rabbi Eliezrie is involved daily. A building committee, chaired by Dr. Robert Morten and including Mr. Sy Cohen and Dr. Ira Cohen is helping to steer the project.