Gala Dinner June 3rd  2012 
Honoring Mrs. Mary Cramer and Dr Benjamin Friedman



Mrs. Mary Cramer 
For over two decades Mrs. Mary Cramer has stood on the forefront of building our community. 

She was instrumental in developing our beautiful center and many of the programs.   

Her dedication to others is an example for all to follow

IMG_7573.JPGDr. Benjamin Friedman 
Hs wit, wisdom and spirit have made "Ben" one of the bright lights of our community and beloved by all. 

An avid student of JLI. He has helped the community in many ways. 

He has shown others the way by establishing a "Legacy Gift" for our center that will provide for the vitality of Jewish life for the future. 

As Ben likes to say "the best is yet to come"

Gala Dinner June 3rd 2012-Photo Gallery 
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