Congregation Beth Meir HaCohen-Kiddush Sponsor Form

Please call our office at 714-693-0770. The office staff will provide you with available dates for you to schedule your Kiddush. Once a date has tentatively been agreed upon, the Staff will help arrange a convenient time for you to meet with them to coordinate the event. All fees must be collected no later than 30 days prior to the event.

Select a Kiddush:
Regular, deli or for contact us for other menu ideas.
1. Shabbat Basic Kiddush (Saturday): $250 includes Challah, our famous Cholent, cake, fruit and paper goods. Up to 40 people.

2. Deli Kiddush: $450 the basic Kiddush plus deli luncheon, including deli meats, sandwiches, four salads for up 40 people. $10 per person for each additional person.
On the date on the form above indicate type of Kiddush you want by placing a number, 1 or 2. You can also be a partial sponsor and share the expense with others.
If you need assistance call the office at 714-693-0770 or email
People are encouraged to sponsor the weekly Kiddush in honor of yarhtzeit, bar/bat mitzvah anniversary, or any personal Simcha!
The Kiddush will be set up and bought by North County Chabad personnel.
Other Kiddush food/menus are available upon request.

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In memory of a deceased family member or friend. 
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In honour of someone or to celebrate a joyous occasion. 

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