Great JLI Courses, Classes, and Seminars. Background not required, just your curiosity.
Great Learning

The Jewish Learning Institute offers college level courses complete with textbooks and materials, visual and graphic presentations and oustanding teaching. New courses start in the fall. 

Join us Shabbat mornings for provacative discussion at  9-10 AM on the Torah Portion. Background not needed. Each week is a different disucssion focusing on the themes of that weeks portion.

We have great weekly classes and monthly Lunch and Learn's the law firm of Rutan & Tucker, the first tuesday of the month, and UCI Medical Center, the second tuesday of he month. More information

Missed a class? Listen to the JLI classes and seminars or watch a video of presentations by Rabbi Eliezrie

Upcoming events
May. 31, 2022
Complimentary supper served at 6:15.

Talmudic analysis and mind-bending logic have long been a hallmark of Jewish scholarship. But buried beneath much of the discussion and legalese are ...
Jun. 04, 2022
Join us for Shavuot services, learning and a delicious supper. Hear from Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie and Rabbi Levi Blesofsky.
Jun. 05, 2022
Join us for Shavuot services, the reading of the 10 commandments and a delicious dairy lunch followed by an ice cream buffet!
Jun. 06, 2022
Join us for Shavuot services and Yizkor.