Expected Preschool Learning Results 


Academics development of each child according to that child’s developmental readiness allowing children participate in exploratory activities which use all the child’s senses: touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and actively moving about the classroom to experience all the sensory experiences available at the moment. 


The classroom environment supports these developmentally appropriate activities. Centers that encourage role-playing, active learning, quiet time, reading, music and movement along with many other activities that allow each child to stretch the neural networks of the brain; at a crucial time when children are capable of learning and growing at rapid rates. Children are exposed to pre-reading activities on a daily basis through our literacy program. We strive to achieve academic goals so that our students will be little scholars prepared for Kindergarten. The presence of visually supportive materials encourages early literacy. 


Outdoor activities are also supportive of a developmental program. Gardening, riding tricycles, water play, digging in the sand, and exploring art through easel work and sand and water table activities provide opportunities for both creative and physical activity. The children enjoy daily exercise in our beautiful, outdoor area. They delight in climbing and balancing; this encourages large and small muscle development. Our area promotes nature and vegetation with its “Natural Playground” culture. 




In our warm, nurturing environment, the children experience a positive, active, fun-filled day. Families choose our center because of our modern well-equipped campus as well as the intimate and supportive atmosphere which surrounds their child each day. 



Our fully integrated program weaves Jewish and American customs with a unique developmental Judaic Curriculum. It includes hands-on teaching of a living Judaism. The children are introduced to their first Hebrew language words through song, dance and story. These words are used daily in the classroom. Using role playing, pictures, stories and experiences, our children internalize special feelings and knowledge of the land of Israel. Through the old Biblical stories and the new geography and culture, the children receive a special love and knowledge of the different faces of Judaism. Their cultural awareness creates a strong feeling of community.