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Survival of a National.jpg

Survival of a Nation
Israel in the light of the Six Day War
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Pardigm Shift
Spring 2014 
Lesson One 

Living With Integrity 
Winter 2013

Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Tzedakah-Charitable Giving
Lesson Four
Honor You Father and Mother
Lesson Five
Telling the Truth


kabblah of you jpeg.jpgThe Kabbalah of You,
Fall 2012

Lesson One
Climbing the Soul Ladder
Uncovering the Human Potential
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Lesson Two
How to be You
Living by Your Convictions

Lesson Three
Happy to be You
Exploring the Pursuit of Happiness

Lesson Four
The Quest for G‑d
Faith Vs. Intetellect 

Lesson Five
The Self that Loves
Jewish Unity & the Global Village

Facinating Facts Fall 2011

Lesson One  November 13, 2011

Towards a Meaningful Life
A Soul Searching Journey for Every Jew
Sundays 9:30-11 AM-Winter 2011 
Lesson One: Presented January 30, 2011
To  Go Bodly Where None Have Gone Before
Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

Lesson Two: Presented February 5, 2011
What's Love Got to Do With It
Finding the Soul of Meaningful Relationships

Lesson Three, Presented February 20, 2011
A Place to Call My Own
Building a Healthy Home and Family

Lesson Four: Presented February 27, 2011
Labor of Love
Work, Charity & Wealth

Rebbe's talk of purpose of work and retirement

Lectures and Seminars
Picture2.jpgEscape From Sobibor
A Conversation with Philip Bialowitz
Rabbi David Eliezrie interviews one
of the last survivors of the breakout
from the Nazi Concentration Camp

israel soloder.jpgRedeeming Captives
Should Israel exchange thousands of terrorists for Gilad Shalit ?
 An exploration of classic Jewish sources on this crucial question.
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soldier praying cropped.jpgIsrael Democracy or Theocracy
Is Israel a Jewish or Democratic State ? A Jewish State or a State of Jews?
From the inception of Zionism the role of religion has a been an issue of great debate. This two part series explores the important questions. The first lesson focuses on the conflicts between Zionism and relgious Jews in the early twentieth century and the after Israeli independance. The second lesson deals with the questions on the agenda today, the Western Wall, Conversion Law, the role of the religious parties, the Supreme Court and more.
Lectures given in January of 2011
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