Rabbi Eliezrie  in the Media

Opinion Articles
Planning Should Include Everyone
Jerusalem Post, March 2007
Let Them Put On Tefilin
Jerusalem Post, December 2006 
Israel Pays a Price for Timidity
Orange County Regsiter, July 2,006
Chabad Values Every Jew
Jerusalem Post, January 2006
Don't Blame Chabad
Jerusalem Post, July 2005
Fear Mongering
Jerusalem Post, March 2005
The Menorah Wars
Jerusalem Post, December 2005

Standing Orders
UJC.org June 2,004
The Trial of King David

Jewish Journal, May 2004

We Build Our Own Community
Jewish Journal, OC Edition May 2003

In There Truth in Archeology-The Torah and the Exodus
Jewish Journal, March 2,001
Public Schools are Todays Door to Assimilation
The Jewish Journal October 2,000
A Letter to Tom Friedman
Jewish Journal March 2,002
A View From the Right
Jewish Bulletin July 1995
Building Judaism in Orange County
The Heritage, 1990
An Eye-Opener in Gaza

Jerusalem Post April 11, 1995


Interviews in Media-Audio Links
The Gaza Pullout
KPCC AIRTALK-August 17, 2005
Dialgue on Israel and Politics
Kpcc-Air Talk-June 2, 2004-Scroll Down to Link to Audio
A Dialogue on Tolerance in Judaism-Left Vs. the Rigth
KPCC-Air Talk-January 2,003
American Jews React to the Rabin Assisination
The Newshour-Public Telvision-November 7, 1995

In Newspapers
Chabad Booming
The Los Angeles Times,  September 2006 
The Rebbes Army Marches Forward
Jerusalem Post, November 2004

Chassidim Mark Rebbe's Yartziet
JTA, June 2,004
Cell Phone Entiquette
Los Angeles Times, July 2,001
Online Learning Grows
Cleveland Jewish News Feb. 2,004
Lieberman as a Jewish Role Model
October 2,000
The National Jewish Population Survey
February 2,000

On the Web
Chassidic Judaism
Chabad to the Rescue