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mikvahmodern.jpg The Orange County Mikvah
Dedicated by 
Nevona Shabtai and Family

For Women Only Appointments and Information
By Appointment Only 714-225-2903
Orange County's first Mikvah is opened in 2007. The Mikvah is a stunning, beautiful haven of holiness for the community. The Mikvah will opens a new chapter for Jewish life in the area. You are invited to tour the Mikvah and learn more about the Jewish traditions that reach to the dawn of Jewish history. The Mikvah is located at the North County Chabad Center in Yorba Linda, in the rear of the property.

Our web site has details about the traditions of Mikvah, history and resources. You can make an appointment by phone. You can contribute general upkeep of the Mikvah. You can sign up for updates via email about the Mikvah.  


Finally a Mikvah for Orange County!
Book an Appointment to use the Mikvah, schedule a tour or add yourself to the e-mail list.
You can support this historic undertaking by making a dedication, donation or becoming a member.
The basics of Mikvahs and the traditions of Family Purity.
Essays, articles and in depth information on the Mikvah.
Learn more about the traditions of Mikvah
What it means to be a Jewish woman: Inspiration, women's mitzvahs, tips, relationships, women's health, advice, spirituality and life.
Mikvah observance in gaining popularity. Read how the media is reporting on this growing trend
Building a Mikvah takes expertiese and a great knowledge of Jewish Law. Learn about the details of Mikvahs.
The construction of the Orange County Mikvah. Rabbi Yirmiya Katz, a world renowned authority in the Laws of Mivkah construction served as our consultant, supervising the complicated process. The Mikvah has a reservoir for rain water.When the rain did not come we went to the mountains to get snow. See the Photo Gallery "Snow for the Mikvah" to see that story.

The Mikvah is open. Call for reservations.
A Mikvah must be filled with natural rain. If that is impossible snow or ice from a river may be used. This year there was little rainfall in Southern California. There was no choice but to make the trek to the mountains to collect 300 bags of snow. The closest snow was 7 hours away in high up in the mountains of Mammoth. Fulfilling the requirements of Jewish law are difficult, Rabbi Yimri Katz, the renowned Mikvah authority accompanied a team from Orange County including Gary Winkler, Rabbi Levi Blesofsky and Rabbi Shuey Eliezrie. THey left at 6 AM two weeks before Pesach. At 3 AM they returned to Yorba Linda with a freezer truck filled with snow.
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