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Is Chabad Too Religious For Me?

Is Chabad Too Religious For Me?



You may have thought of dropping by, signing your child in the Hebrew School, attending services, or joining one of the holiday celebrations.

Then comes the questions:
Aren’t these guys a bit too religious for me ?
Do you have to wear a black hat ?
Will I feel out of place ?

Dress any way you want. All are welcome. Chabad's philosophy is accept everyone on the level of observance. Its a non judemental evnviorment. The local Chabad Center is made up of people just like you. Men and women, families and singles, who have a loyalty to Jewish Tradition and many levels of observance. All are welcome. The great majority are not Orthodox. Just regular Jews who care about their Heritage.

levi.jpgThe kids in the
school programslearn about Judaism from rabbis and teachers who really care. Kindergarten kids learn to read Hebrew in the once-a-week Reading Readiness program. Elementary age kids learn about Jewish history, holidays, Hebrew language and traditions twice a week at Hebrew School. And high schoolers debate the great issues of the day weekly at Hebrew High.There is Mommy & Me
as well as extensive Jr. Congregation for the High Holidays. In Fall 2011 a Pre School will be open.

T here are wonderful adult educational programs such as the Jewish Learning Institute , lectures and social events, Scholars Weekends and other special events.

The services follow traditions as they have been kept for millennia, with a contemporary approach. The Hebrew prayer book has a wonderful English translation. On the Holidays there are English readings and the Rabbi will give you an insight into the meanings of the prayers. There are melodies and joy in the services.

Chisick Synagogue Building We have one what many call the most beautiful Congregation in Orange County. A wonderful new facility, with a varied facilities. A great place for services, community events and programs. Our school has state of the art classrooms for our Hebrew School, Hebrew High and soon to be opening Pre School.

The Rabbi, David Eliezrie , has a comprehensive knowledge of Judaism, a passion of cruising the net, a wonderful wife Stella– brought up in LA -- and has six great kids, five of them married and twelve grandchildren. They like to invite community members to their home, to celebrate joyous events with you, and G‑d forbid stand by your side during trying times. His email is Read his articles

Rabbi Levi Blesofsky works side by side with Rabbi Eliezrie on a host of community project. Levi's passion is hospital chaplaincy, Hebrew High and campus outreach programs at Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College. You can reach him at

So put away your anxieties. You will be welcome. Plus Chabad has no membership. Join the programs that interest you. You will enjoy them greatly.

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