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The building is on the verge of completion. Landscaping is under way. Your donation will help us complete the project.

The Shul, Administration and Education Building are nearing completion.
A new era in Orange County with the first Mikvah. The pour was sponsered by the generosity of Mr. Yaakov Koppel of New York. Rabbi Yirmi Katz, a renowned authority in Mikvahs supervised.
Photo Gallery #2
The community building is being framed. Watch the remarkable progress.
Application for Occupancy Permit will be made with the City of Yorba Linda next week. Spacious new Social Hall and Kitchen will accommodate our Shabbat Dinners and Kiddushim, as well as Bar Mitzvah Parties and Wedding Receptions.
The slab has been poured for the new education building and the framing is has begun. It will include a Hebrew School, Pre School, offices, gift shop and OC's first Mikvah
Breathtaking Pattern and Design
History in Orange County
With the gracious support of Mr. Yaakov Kappel of New York, the Mikvah was poured in Yorba Linda. Rabbi Yirmiya Katz, representing both Mikvah USA and the Mikvah Commission of Chabad Lubvitch Rabbis, supervised the pour on June 26, 2006.
Great Pics as we move ahead
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