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  • Gala Banquet & Auction-Forging the Future-Sunday June 5th Wonderful Dinner, Great Auction, Entertainment,Reserve Now
  • Alef Preschool-A Warm Enviorment for Your ChildPreschool, Day Care, Mommy & Me Wednesday's 9:00 AM
    Your child's first experience can set the tone for life. Explore what our preschool can offer your family.
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  • jliStarts Sunday May 15th with Rabbi David Eliezrie
  • Torah and Tea
  • Shul
  • Learn the Parshah in DepthSelect commentaries culled from the broad corpus of Jewish scholarship.Read More
  • A Joker’s ShabbatAs might be expected, Hershel the Hilarious was the most popular guy in Mosayov among the idle, the...Read More
  • Why So Many Customs of When to Mourn During the Omer?Why so many customs? How did it all develop?Read More
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